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Its interesting but I don't wanna touch it by Jajna Its interesting but I don't wanna touch it by Jajna
Eeeh! @__ @

Franque is a dream agent that :iconpsychedelicmind: made and her art is awsome and I wanted to make some fan art for her!
AND hug Franque without haveing his women get angry with me. :O
And then you have some of the crew members in the speech bubble. They all have there part of this drawing tho not as visible.

Franque is wonderful~ Calm, dress nice and I don't know how he smell tho I imagien like salt water or something >w <-


Art and me is my own tho all other charcters is not. -w-
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PsychedelicMind Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Hi I'm back! :hug: sorry this took so long! I Thank you for taking your spare time and your loves to make this adorable scene! I like how you built the story together And we see in our mind's eye the passing of time even though it is all contained in one panel! XD And even though we don't see the other Dream Agents in the picture (except Squid's hand), they're represented well by their speech bubbles! On behalf of Flux Studios though, I would like to apologise for Squid's overenthusiasm in pranking! XD He still hasn't learned how to quit while he's ahead! The goopey green creature looks like he doesn't really want to be there! But I guess Jajna isn't complaining! She looks like she's found her Knight in shining armor! :giggle: The scene that will unfold will be a spectacularly amusing mess! I can imagine!

And if Squid is annoying enough, I think Franque will turn around and beat him to death <.<" Interesting that you used that old random suit I drew for him~! I like how Ohm couldn't be bothered and how Pandachan's like "OMG Quirky Romance Scene!" like supporting characters in a Korean drama! And can I compliment you on the background? I love the bookcase with all its books and random magical items! The details you put in are sweet ^.^ I really do like the little figurine sitting on the books... and the intricate but dark box beside Franque's head~ :3 so thoughtful~ hehe... Thanks so much for doing this! It's great seeing the boys interact with other people outside their own universe! They need to socialize more :giggle: cheers! :heart:
Jajna Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah! I am just happy you spproved of this as its hard to
draw others characters in the rigth element X'D
But thank you ow o- Wanted to draw them all but it got hard to fitt them in at the end..(lazyness migth be a little of it to ='o next time! ^^)
Really glad you approve! :D
And i can forgive Squid for it, he seams to be all sweet if he wants to tho it was rude >=I And well... Yes, I got to be a close to Franque for just a while because of it. :9
We can all be friendly to each other when hell after this
scen have broken lose >īv>
The book bookcase was the most work here AND Franques face. (the box was marvelos to draw~ tho the puppet was scary as I imagen it is alive later.. =<)
Don't know what books they have so they got all!
And did not know how Franq should react X'3

THank you for shuch a long comment! ow o-
Would write more but I fear it migth be to boring to read X'3
Hope you are doing fine and I do think I will in time draw more fan art...
Your art/character design is so wonderful, cheers~:giggle::heart:
PsychedelicMind Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Professional Filmographer
meep! comments coming very very very very soon dear Jajna! Love it so very much! Thanks so much for drawing this! I love it to pieces~! But will say why soooon! :heart:
Jajna Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD nahahah~ I am really glad you like it~
And I finally tryed to draw Fran~
You seam to have lots to do now days so I will be pacient -u -
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